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Get The 80s Cruise Buzz from the Original MTV VJs!

No one had the pulse of the 80s like the Original MTV VJs — the music, the culture, the style and now … The 80s Cruise! Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Mark Goodman are back onboard for Year 6 of The Ultimate 80s Party in 2022 and they’re here to tell you what life is like aboard our party boat for the most radical week of the year.

Hit play to hear directly from the VJs in a video recorded aboard the last sailing, then get to know them more in the following Q&A where they reveal which bands on the 2022 lineup that they are most excited to see, hear and hang with.

THE 80s CRUISE: What bands are you most excited to see on the 2022 sailing of The Ultimate 80s Party and why?
HUNTER: It’s a great lineup in 2022 but tops on my list have to be The Human League, The Sugarhill Gang, Belinda Carlisle and a surprise addition of 38 Special, which is genius. That really helps to round out an already eclectic mix of music that includes our favorite returnees Berlin, Morris Day & The Time and A Flock of Seagulls. There’s something for everyone.
BLACKWOOD: All of them are terrific! However, I am especially looking forward to Morris Day and the Time. They ALWAYS put on a great show. So entertaining.
GOODMAN: I’m really looking forward to The Human League. Their music holds up today and it’s the three original members!

THE 80s CRUISE: How do you describe the 80s energy and passion that comes alive when guests board The 80s Cruise every year?
HUNTER: As the years have gone by, The 80s Cruise has become like a family of friends returning each year for another session of camp — a week in the middle of the ocean to enjoy the company of people who, like you, love the 80s. No judgment, no cliques, just love and laughter no matter what style of music you dig, or color of your hair.
BLACKWOOD: There is nothing else that comes close. Everybody having a great time, being joyous, getting away from “real life” for awhile.
GOODMAN: What I love about about these cruises is it’s a perfect, joyous escape back to a time when it was just about the music. Everyone on board is ready to have a great time. That’s why I think so many people make new friends on the cruise that they wind up keeping up with all year round!

THE 80s CRUISE: What are your highlights on The 80s Cruise over the years?
HUNTER: So many highlights from year’s past, mostly around the great performances of artists like Kenny Loggins, Huey Lewis and the News from the first year, and Richard Marx singing about love onstage, while his love Daisy Fuentes watched from the wings. I think it’s the accessibility of all the celebrities the cruisers love most. At breakfast there’s Tom Bailey having a bagel, Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet at the bar on deck 5, or late night hanging with Terri Nunn doing karaoke, everybody is welcome and chummy. Even I come down off my mighty VJ perch to mingle with the hoi polloi.
BLACKWOOD: Besides the great artists, some of my faves being Cheap Trick, Huey Lewis and the News, Was not Was, I particularly enjoy the excursions … getting to experience new places like the Jamaican Rainforest or learning about Mayan Culture or having a fun adventure zip-lining above the treetops. Plus it is an opportunity to hang out with people in a different cool environment. I have made lifelong friends via the excursions.
GOODMAN: Rick Springfield on the cruise a few years back was amazing. This kind of an event you see so much more of your favorite artists. Getting to hang out with Terri Nunn from Berlin has been so cool. I had an amazing chat with the legendary Grandmaster Flash last year that was a career high for me!

THE 80s CRUISE: What do you tell people who have never experienced The Ultimate 80s Party?
BLACKWOOD: It’s WILD in the very best way possible. You have to BE THERE to experience the FUN!
HUNTER: It’s everything you wanted and many things you didn’t imagine. I was skeptical on my first trip about everything — cruising, wall-to-wall neon, stuck with thousands of 80s fans for a week — but to my delight, I loved it! Even this jaded VJ fell back in love with the artists, many I hadn’t seen in a long time, personally or in concert. And hanging with all those people who watched my VJ pals and me on MTV back in the day was tons of fun. Hearing their stories, telling a few of my own, all over a nice drink at the Ice Bar. I’ve made some good friends myself over the years.
GOODMAN: Total immersion in an 80s fantasy! There’s plenty of 80s theme nights and events beside the concerts. But also as much relax time as you need.