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Tubular Theme Nights

Pack accordingly! Each night of the cruise celebrates an outrageous 80s theme.

How did The 80s Cruise earn the title of The Ultimate 80s Party? It takes a killer lineup of iconic 80s bands, but our rock star guests take the party to the max at the Tubular Theme Nights. Each night’s theme sets the stage, but our guests knock it out of the park with show-stopping costumes that turn heads and turn back the clocks. It may take you some time to plan, but memories of these Theme Night parties will live on forever!

Our incoming Senior Class (Guests booked for their fourth sailing of The 80s Cruise in 2022) voted on the first Theme Night: Decade of Decadence Prom! Ladies, be ready to rock your shoulder pads and sequins. Gents, think flashy with 80s power suits and suspenders. Whether you're more like Gordon Gekko, Alexis Carrington or Tony Montana, we can't wait to be back together partying to excess under one roof!

Check Back for 5 More Tubular Theme Nights To Be Announced for The 80s Cruise ’22!