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Guest Videos
Don't take our word for it that The 80s Cruise is the Ultimate 80s Party....
Hear it straight from our guests on The 80s Cruise!
“Crazy perfect!...It’s concert after concert after concert…”
“It’s a completely different feel…We’ve made instant friends.”
“It’s so jam-packed with things to do…
We’re hooked!”
“This is why we live”
“The energy is great here….everyone’s just having a ball”
“You should book this cruise, because it will change your life.”
“What brings us back is the music, the people that we meet and just how much fun it is.”
“It’s the funnest week of our life.”
“No one’s angry, no one’s ornery, everyone’s here for a good time.”
“I would fly halfway around the world every year for this, and I will do it again next year and the year after that.”
“Real. Raw. Up close.”
“It’s definitely different than being on a regular cruise….This is just a whole
‘nother level.”
“It’s the best Spring Break for adults…. The excitement is palpable.”