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Guest Testimonials
Don't take our word for it that The 80s Cruise is the Ultimate 80s Party....
Hear it straight from our guests on The 80s Cruise!
'It's adult (totally inappropriate) Summer Camp'
'You're part of a family...'
'Spring break... WITH ADULTS!!'
'All the way from Columbia...'
'It's about the friendships made'
'We're reliving the 80s together...'
'One non-stop party, all the time, 24-7'
'Join us next year, 'cause we're all coming back!'
'None of our friends believe us'
'EXTREMELY different than a regular cruise'
'Go a little crazy!'
'Whether you're 20 or 30 or 80... everybody relates'
'You have to experience it to understand it'
'It feels like you're back in the 80s'
'You can let go of it all'
'You feel like you're going to a reunion'
'A positive vibe... so exciting'
'This is the PARTY BOAT!'
'You never know what's going to happen'
'We come on for the MUSIC'
'It's like 2,000 immediate friends!'
'A chance to go back...'
'You'll need a vacation after this vacation'
'It surprises us all the time'
'There's no relaxing on this boat'
'By far the best cruise I've ever been on'