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Artist Spotlight
Terri Nunn: The 80s Cruise Is a ‘Transcendent Experience’

They’re rock stars. They always take our breath away. They chose The 80s Cruise for their first full concert together since 1985. They’ve become family and they’re sailing in 2022 as 80s Cruise alumni!

That, of course, is Berlin featuring Terri Nunn and they are ready to rock The Ultimate 80s Party for the fifth time when we reunite at sea in 2022. Their new wave, synth-pop and post-punk sound has become a fixture on The 80s Cruise stage, but just as importantly, the band members are everywhere all week across the ship, hanging with their cruise family and celebrating the 80s bonds that bring us all together.

Press play above to jump aboard the last sailing to hear directly from Terri about why Berlin loves The 80s Cruise so much! Then check out the encore Q&A right here to find out what Terri tells people who have never sailed on this cruise.

THE 80s CRUISE: 2022 will be your fifth 80s Cruise. What is the bond between you and the fans, and what are the highlights for the band over the past four sailings?
TERRI NUNN: We’ve enjoyed seeing the other bands and getting to know the people in them. You’re hanging out together for days with these people. Everyone’s enthusiasm is an ongoing high. The bond between us and the fans is the music and our love for it.

THE 80s CRUISE: The 80s Cruise has become a family for so many people. What makes The 80s Cruise so special?
TERRI NUNN: The people who come LOVE music and celebrating it together. There’s far more fun & friendly connections than on most cruises.

THE 80s CRUISE: How does The 80s Cruise stage compare to any venues you’ve played?
TERRI NUNN: It’s fantastic. I expected a teeny weeny one – it’s on a boat, you know? But it’s a massive theater by any standard, great lights too.

THE 80s CRUISE: Why should someone who has never sailed on this cruise, join us for The 80s Cruise ’22?
TERRI NUNN: There’s a lot to do. Besides the big concerts every day and night, there are ports of call to explore and great restaurants and nightclubs and theme parties and your ROOM to relax in if you don’t want to do anything.

THE 80s CRUISE: What would you like to bring back from the 80s?
TERRI NUNN: The excitement of creating not only new music but a new music genre (new wave/electronic).

THE 80s CRUISE: How did your personal 80s experience influence you as an individual and as an artist? 
TERRI NUNN: I learned how to work and go after my dreams. And that really big dreams do come true.

THE 80s CRUISE: What is your favorite 80s band, 80s fashion statement, and 80s movie or TV show?
TERRI NUNN: One of my fave bands is Depeche Mode. Favorite 80s movie would have to be Top Gun, that one changed my life. Fashion: the neon colors. The off-shoulder tops.