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Artist Spotlight
Q&A with Lita Ford
THE 80s CRUISE: On the 2020 sailing of The 80s Cruise, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the decade. What were you up to in 1980?
LITA FORD: 1980 was a time of transition … coming out of The Runaways, an all-girl bunch of teenaged punks, a rebellious group of hormones, and starting my solo career. “Who the fuck is Lita Ford?” … I was just discovering my true self and what I was capable of doing musically. Let’s just say, I didn’t follow the rules and defied all rock ’n’ roll boundaries. Being a female on guitar! Being half naked, and just being a “do what the fuck I wanna do” kinda gal!

THE 80s CRUISE: What are you most looking forward to on The 80s Cruise 2020?
LITA FORD: Well seeing as how I almost didn’t make one of the last cruises because of immigration … But we still played an amazing show!!! I am looking forward to seeing and meeting the fans for a few days hanging out on a beautiful ship, playing our asses off and hanging with the other musicians on the ship. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

THE 80s CRUISE: How did your personal 80s experience influence you as an individual and as an artist?
LITA FORD: I don’t know if the 80s influenced me, or if I influenced the 80s?!!! Nikki Sixx cut my long beautiful hair into a Mötley Crüe shag. Neil Merryweather started making me leather G-strings and leather gauntlets and bustiers. I traded one guitar for another, and started a trend. And the punk era was just as influential for me … raunchy shit!

THE 80s CRUISE: What is your favorite 80s band, 80s fashion statement, and 80s movie or TV show?
LITA FORD: Fav 80s bands were Queen, Van Halen and I loved Michael Jackson, too. Fashion was opening new doors, with bling on the dudes, and sexy and shaggy hair cuts. The fashion was a bit cleaned up from the punk era in the late 70s. Fav movie of the 80s was ET. Fuck! I cried, and I laughed, and that ET creature is an incredible character created by Spielberg! Wow! It changed the movie world!

THE 80s CRUISE: What would you like to bring back from the 80s?
LITA FORD: My sanity!!! My health! And to just celebrate still being alive and well!

THE 80s CRUISE: We know you are a great artist, what other amazing talent do you have that we don’t know about?
LITA FORD: Ha Ha Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know? I love my music at home loud and through the entire house! Can’t function with out it. I love to cook for people who enjoy food and friendship. And I love my dogs, they are my family!