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Artist Spotlight
Modern English Will Stop the World and Cruise With You

The British Invasion of amazing music on The 80s Cruise will be as strong as Aqua Net when we reunite for The Ultimate 80s Party. The British hands that will stretch across the sea include The Human League, ABC, Modern English, The Alarm, A Flock of Seagulls, John Parr and more, creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the 80s with an incredible variety of English new wave, post-punk and synth-pop … all at one all-inclusive party.

So what made England such a force for radical music out of the 80s? That is among the topics we cover in the following interview with Modern English vocalist Robbie Grey. Read on to learn more about Modern English, including whether Robbie is the bandmate who is currently living on a boat, the avid record collector, the fashion trend setter or the aspiring filmmaker.

THE 80s CRUISE: What would you like to bring back from the 80s?
ROBBIE GREY: We would all be young again.

THE 80s CRUISE: This will be your second sailing on The 80s Cruise. What are your memories of the first sailing? What surprised you about it? And what are you looking forward to in 2022?
ROBBIE GREY: Our memories are of beautiful islands and people smiling and having fun. We were surprised by how much food there was. Looking forward to being out on the ocean and in 2022 we look forward to hugging people if we can.

THE 80s CRUISE: What made England such a force for awesome music out of the 80s?
ROBBIE GREY: The 80s were tough times in the U.K. Out of that came a lot of creativity.

THE 80s CRUISE: Which bands that you will be joining on The 80s Cruise are you excited about seeing yourselves?
ROBBIE GREY: The Human League as long as they play “Being Boiled.”

THE 80s CRUISE: We know you are great artists, what other amazing talent do you have that we don’t know about?
ROBBIE GREY: Well Mick (Conroy) lives on a boat and is a budding sailor. Steve (Walker) is an avid record collector. Gary (McDowell) is always buying and having great clothes made. And me, Robbie, I’m getting into filmmaking.