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80s Cruise In The News
Live From The 80s Cruise: Why A Music Theme Cruise is the Best Party at Sea

The Managing Editor at Cruise Critic sailed the entire week on The 80s Cruise and her reporting was totally awesome. Chris Gray Faust was there for all the concerts, parties, theme nights, celebrity hosted events and awesome activities. Now, that’s a killer work assignment.

You should check out the full story, but we’ll tease you with Cruise Critic’s takeaways:

  1. There are concerts galore.
  2. Music is everywhere.
  3. People are hardcore … and super friendly.
  4. Drink packages abound.
  5. Costumes are the go-to attire.
  6. The environment is kid-free.
  7. There are no rules.
  8. The pool scene is crazy.
  9. Day panels are killer.
  10. Artists are accessible.
  11. Nightlife goes until your drop.