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A Letter From Rick

October 9, 2017Filed Under: 80sbeat

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Loverboy: Still the Lucky Ones

August 8, 2017Filed Under: 80sbeat

For Loverboy, 2018 marks the bands’ first appearance on The 80s Cruise. For lead guitarist Paul Dean, it’ll be two firsts. “I’ve never even been on a cruise, let alone played on one,” Dean told me during a phone call from the airport in Vancouver, Canada, where he lives today. “But we’re going to St. […]

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A Love Affair with Berlin

June 26, 2017Filed Under: 80sbeat

When Terri Nunn and Berlin took the stage for the first time on this year’s voyage of The 80s Cruise, the audience was ready to rock, but even Terri has “no more words” for her reception that night. “I didn’t expect that reaction!” she told me during a phone chat earlier this month. The crowd […]

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June 2, 2017Filed Under: 80sbeat, Videos

Michael Knight has quickly become the premier Michael Jackson tribute artist. His years of meticulous focus and the studying of every iconic nuance has propelled him to the top of the list of impersonators. He was a smash hit this year on The 80s Cruise and is returning in 2018. Cruise host Dane Butcher recently […]

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